What is a Luxury Dog House?

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A luxury dog house is an outdoor dog shelter that is more elaborately built than a standard dog house. These fancy dog houses may match the pet owner’s home in style. Luxury dog houses often look decorative, but also have features designed with the dog’s comfort and health in mind.

A luxury dog house may be heated, air-conditioned and/or insulated so that the animal stays cool during hot weather and warm during cold weather. Some luxury dog houses have space enough for two dogs or for the owner to be able to spend time with the dog in the dog house. Many regular dog houses don’t allow the dog much room to move around in the house.

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When buying or making a luxury dog house, consider the size and breed of the dog, the area’s weather conditions and the landscaping as well as the dog’s allergies and special needs. Remember that dogs are social, domestic animals and prefer to spend time with their human companions in the family home. A luxurious dog house in a great backyard that give the dog room to run and play can be a perfect spot for the dog to spend a little time in each day though. Some of the dog’s favorite toys can be place inside the luxury dog house.

There are companies that design luxury dog houses and some build them in pet owner’s backyards as well. Some of these businesses specialize in building custom luxury doghouses that allows dog owners to have a dog house that coordinates with their home. Some people even have a luxury dog house that is a mini replica of their own home. Dog owners with construction skills can also buy kits to make a luxury dog home.

A luxury dog house can look as elaborate as a Victorian style children’s playhouse complete with scroll trims, windows, shutters and a porch. Non-shattering, tinted windows work well for luxury dog houses. A well constructed frame is necessary for the dog house so that it can withstand all types of weather conditions. If the weather conditions are too severe, the dog should be taken into its owner’s home. The inside of a luxury dog house should be luxurious and comfortable for the dog.

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