What Are the Pros and Cons of Using a Leather Dog Leash?

brown dog with leash

It is important to buy a good quality dog leash to guide a dog through training and beyond, and a dog owner has a few different options. Nylon and rayon leashes are the most popular options because they are inexpensive and relatively durable, but a leather dog leash is also a popular choice for people who have aesthetics and durability in mind. Choosing a leather dog leash over nylon or rayon will ensure a durable product that is likely to last for many years and have an enduring aesthetic appeal.

Leather is, of course, an expensive option, so buying a leather dog leash will require more of an investment. Some leather dog leash models are also sewn together at certain points along the length, and these joints can loosen or fall apart over time, requiring repair. Leather can also stretch over time, elongating the leash slightly. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage in terms of usability is the appeal of the leather leash for the dog: it is likely at some point the dog will figure out that leather makes a great chew toy, and the leash can therefore be damaged by a dog in need of entertainment.

group of dogs with leashes

The weight of the leather dog leash is also likely to be a factor, as is its packability. While leather can be exceptionally durable, it is heavier than nylon and not as packable, so taking the leather leash on hikes or long walks may be problematic, especially if the dog is allowed off-leash and the leather must be stowed.

Some users prefer leather because it is more comfortable to hold, especially on long walks. Nylon and rayon can agitate the skin over time, while leather tends to be comfortable and relatively soft. As time goes on, the leather will soften even further, promoting an even more comfortable material for longer walks. Leather can also be customized; it can be stamped or even burned with designs.

Another disadvantage to the leather dog leash is the environmental impact. Leather is made from animal hide, which means animals must be killed for the leather. It is a good idea to find out where the leather for the leash came from, as some leather can be taken from cows that were treated more humanely than others.

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