What are Some of the Most Common Mistakes People Make When Training Their Dogs?

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If you have ever had a dog, you know that training a puppy is not easy task. The problem with dog training mistakes is that they are hard to undo, which makes it all the more important to approach the process the right way from the beginning. The most common dog training mistakes come from the owner’s indecision on what they want their dog to do instead of barking or jumping. Saying no is not enough, as the dog doesn’t know any alternate behaviors, and will more than likely return to his old habits after a short period of guilt or punishment. Most dog training mistakes can be avoided by following a few simple steps.

A dog that is not properly socialized has a harder time dealing with unexpected situations and environments because of fear or anxiety. This makes him more prone to barking, overexcitement, and fights. A properly socialized dog, on the other hand, recognize what quiet times mean, is good with large groups of people, and understand how to behave around other dogs.

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Other dog training mistakes often seen have to do with the trainer’s impatience. Not matter how smart your dog is, it’s highly unlikely he will learn something on the first try. It takes repetition and reassurance for an animal to understand what he is and he is not supposed to do. Owner impatience often leads to confusion, as it does ambivalence. If you change the rules often, don’t expect your dog to keep up. The same is true of the simplest things, such as using the same command every time. i.e. “come” always, rather than alternating with “come here,” “come quickly,” etc. If you confuse your dog, he will not know what to do.

Dog training mistakes often take the form of physical punishment, which trainers agree it’s always a mistake. Choking, hitting, or hurting an animal in any other way, leads to fear, which can easily turn into aggression as a self-defense mechanism. Positive reinforcement in the form of praise or food treats works better, as dogs naturally want to please their owners. Rewarding your dog with some additional play time after training also works, as does going for a walk immediately after working together.

Finally, one of the most important dog training mistakes to avoid is boredom. Don’t bore the animal, and don’t bore yourself. Always think of creative ways to teach your dog something, so your dog would see the process as an exciting journey rather than a chore.

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