What are Some Halloween Costumes for Dogs?

dog with ghost Halloween costume

Every year, more and more owners are not only picking up costumes for themselves, they are also choosing Halloween costumes for their dogs. When parents and children go trick-or-treating, it’s no longer uncommon to see a pet accompanying them. They are, after all, considered part of the family. Many places that carry adult costumes are answering the demand to also offer a selection of Halloween costumes for dogs. Choosing a costume for your pet could be quite the task with all of the adorable options that you have to pick from.

Many of the Halloween costumes for dogs involve separate pieces, so if your pet is uncomfortable wearing one part, it can easily be removed without taking off the entire outfit.

Some choices for female dogs are beautiful princess, fairy, angel and bride costumes. Your “pretty girl” will look even more so when choosing one of those outfits.

For the dog that is your little superhero, there are Indiana JonesBatman, sheriff, and Superman costumes. Devil, pirate, Darth Vader, prisoner, and witch costumes are some options for the pet that has a loveable naughty streak.

dog in a Halloween costume

When buying Halloween costumes for dogs, you have a good selection to choose from if you are looking to camouflage their species. A lion, bumblebee, bunny, and ladybug are some of the more popular costume choices. Elephants, skunks, and monkeys are costumes that are on the unique side and may be a bit more difficult to find in stores. You can always dress your dog up in a hot dog costume, complete with a bun and condiment selection of mustard or ketchup.

Should you want to dress up your teenage dog, cheerleader, football player and graduate costumes are available. Some of the more interesting and unusual Halloween costumes for dogs include being a flapper, leprechaun, or scarecrow. You can also dress your dog up in costumes based on some of your favorite characters such as Mickey Mouse, Cat in the Hat, Dora the Explorer, Scooby- Doo, Shrek, Yoda, and Harry Potter.

If your pet doesn’t like wearing something that covers the entire body, there are still options available. A groom costume for a male dog consists of a bib-like “tuxedo jacket” and a pair of cuffs to be worn on the edge of the paws. A tutu is appropriate for a female dog to wear. It is still considered a ballerina outfit and doesn’t have the restriction of having it on the entire body.

Buying Halloween costumes for dogs isn’t for everyone, however, it is a much better experience when you incorporate man’s best friend into the trick-or-treating fun.

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