How Should I Choose a Dog Obedience Course?

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Choosing a dog obedience course is something that deserves some thought and planning. After all, you want a positive experience for your dog that will also help him or her listen to you. Life can be so much more pleasant without pet accidents all over the rugs and dogs that run wild despite your attempt at giving firm voice commands.

There are many dog obedience course options available today. Most communities have several to choose from such as those offered by large pet store chains or weekend and evening classes held in schools or community centers. You could even opt for a purely online course and self-teach your dog the techniques you learn.

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Dogs with social problems such as jumping up on people may do better in a class with other dogs and dog owners so that the instructor is there to correct behavior in a hands-on way. Also, dogs are very social animals, so interaction with other dogs in an instructor-monitored environment may be beneficial to your pet. When you prepare to sign up for a dog obedience course, remember to get all of the details such as which night to bring your dog and what health records are required.

Many dog obedience courses begin with information about dog behavior. This can be very interesting and give you a basic understanding of how dogs think such as their pack mentality. Dogs, like wolves, think in terms of being part of a pack and good dog obedience courses use this natural dog behavior to help dogs learn to obey humans. For example, many dog training experts say that you must show your dog that you are the leader of the pack in order for him or her to even want to obey you. When training dogs, even small things such as you going before your dog through a doorway must be done consistently so that dogs learn.

A dog obedience course trainer can help you teach your dog training posture commands such as sit, stay and lay down. Some classes deal with specific issues such as house training. Asking neighbors with dogs for recommendations for a dog obedience course that worked for their pet may be a great way to find a suitable one in your area.

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