Why Does My Dog Keep Barking or Running around in Circles?

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Many of us have wondered now and again “Why does my dog keep barking or running around in circles?” Although a dog running around in circles and chasing his tail may look funny, the cause can actually be very serious.

Just like obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in humans, dogs can be diagnosed with an emotional disorder called canine compulsive disorder. Canine compulsive disorder is when a dog displays a behavior excessively or repetitively. Dogs that display repetitive movements such as barking for no particular reason, running in circles or constant licking to the extent of causing hair loss and raw skin may be suffering from this emotional condition.

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Compulsive disorder in dogs is essentially caused by anxiety and stress. It may be due to unpredictable changes in their environment, such as a new pet in the home or the owner being away for periods longer than usual. Some dogs may also display this behavior in order to receive more attention and affection from their owners.

Pet owners who suspect that their dog may have compulsive disorder should seek the help of a veterinarian. It is important not to punish or yell at pets as this will worsen this condition. If the cause of the dog’s stress or anxiety is apparent, owners should try to eliminate the cause by making the necessary changes to the dog’s environment.

It is important to remember that new pets require patience and effort until they adjust to their new environment and new family. With care and affection from their owners, dogs can overcome these issues. We must encourage responsible pet adoption and put in the effort needed to keep our pets happy and healthy.

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More about dog health:

  • Ear infections are one of the most common illnesses seen in dogs and symptoms include scratching the ears, shaking the head, and/or brown or yellow discharge from the ears.
  • All dogs should have at least one routine check-up with their veterinarian every year.
  • Tapeworm is the most common internal parasite in dogs. It is important for dogs to receive regular parasite prevention treatments.

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