Who’s Smarter: Cat Owners or Dog Owners?

black German shepherd

Cat owners are statistically more likely to have a college degree than dog owners. In fact, households with at least one degree-holder are about 1.5 times more likely to own a cat than a dog. Despite the education level of their owners, dogs are actually better at reasoning than cats, according to some tests.

cute dog

More facts about cats and dogs:

  • There are almost 100 million owned cats in the United States, and about one-third of all Americans own at least one cat, though most cat owners have more than one.
  • Cat owners are more likely to be single than dog owners. In fact, almost 70 percent of dog owners are married, as opposed to 60 percent of cat owners.
  • Dog owners tend to spend almost $100 US Dollars more annually on vet bills than cat owners, and they make almost 20 percent more visits to the vet per year than cat owners do.

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