What Is Vegan Dog Food?

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Vegan dog food is dog food that does not contain any animal meat or animal based products. Some may choose to feed their dog vegan dog food for health or moral reasons. It is important to make sure that all vegan dog food provides a healthy, balanced diet that is suitable for a dog.

Humans who are vegan do not consume any animal products. This means that, like vegetarians, they do not eat meat, yet they also do not eat eggs, milk, or any other food that comes from an animal. Vegan dog food is based upon this same principle and contains no meat or animal products. Some pet owners cook their own vegan dog food, but there are also commercially produced vegan dog foods that can be purchased at the store.

There are a number of reasons why someone might choose to feed their pet vegan dog food. One major reason is the owner’s own dietary preferences. If a dog owner is a vegan because they believe that it is morally wrong to kill animals and consume them for meat, the owner may also not feel comfortable feeding a dog food that is made from animals.

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Some dog owners choose a vegan dog food for health reasons. Commercially made dog food is usually made from animal meat that is not suitable for human consumption. This may consist of the head or feet of an animal. It could also mean that the meat came from diseased or ill animals. Since this meat would not be fit for human consumption, many do not feel comfortable feeding it to their dog for fear that it might make the dog sick.

If choosing a vegan diet for a dog, it is important to cook or purchase food that provides enough vitamins and minerals to create a balanced, nutritious diet. While this can be accomplished through home cooked meals alone, many professionals suggest that dietary supplements be added to home cooked meals to be sure that these dogs are consuming an optimal diet. If purchasing commercially made food, it is best to look for foods that have been approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). The AAFCO regulates the manufacture of animal food and makes sure it is safe and contains practical, useful ingredients.

Although beneficial in many ways, there are a number of drawbacks to vegan dog food. Some say that feeding a dog, a carnivore, a non-animal based diet is unnatural. It can also be difficult to make sure that vegan dog food contains all the necessary nutrition a dog needs.

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