How can I Make Dog Food?

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As more pet owners become concerned about additives and other mysterious ingredients found in commercial dog food, many are choosing to make dog food at home. Homemade dog food is actually easy to prepare, with many of the ingredients costing much less than premium dog foods. However, it is important to make sure that the natural dog food will meet the nutritional needs of your pet. If you want to make your own dog food, here are few things to keep in mind.

As a first step toward the creation of healthy dog food for your pet, speak with your veterinarian. Such factors as the age of your pet, the breed, and the specific state of health will impact what ingredients may be included in your dog food recipe. Before you make dog food, you must understand the specific dietary needs of your dog and move to meet them.

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Assuming your dog is in good health and has no allergies or other complicating factors, you should make dog food that includes meat, vegetables and some source of starch. A good balance to achieve is forty percent meat, thirty percent vegetables, and thirty percent starches. As you make dog food, you may find that the results of your efforts are somewhat similar to preparing a casserole.

Meat sources for dog food are plentiful. Make use of organ meats such as kidneys or liver. It is also possible to make dog food using ground beef and turkey that you purchase in the meat department of the local supermarket. Make sure the meat is fresh and that you store it with the same care you would any meat purchased for the human members of the family.

Vegetables can also vary greatly. Green vegetables such as collards or kale are usually appreciated by dogs and also contain many nutrients they need. Grated carrots are also a great option for inclusion. Keep in mind the vegetables you choose should compliment the meat in terms of providing the proper balance in nutrition.

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Starches can include starchy vegetables such as potatoes. However, you can make dog food using oatmeal, rice and pasta to balance out the need for starches and carbohydrates. These also help to add bulk to the food, which is good for the digestive system as well as providing essential nutrients.

A simple way to make dog food is to begin with a basic recipe. Brown a pound of ground beef. Drain the excess grease and toss in a few grated carrots and perhaps some steamed and diced broccoli florets. Add some oatmeal and stir. The result will be a dog food that will please your pet and also make it possible for you to know exactly what your pet is consuming.

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