Do Dogs Sweat?

dog basking under the sun

Dogs do not sweat like humans, from the surface of their skin, to regulate their body temperature. Instead, dogs open their mouths and pant to reduce their body temperature. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the act of releasing saliva that cools down a dog. Panting allows oxygen into the body and helps evaporate moisture on the tongue, which reduces the dog’s body temperature. When feeling overheated, dogs might also release excessive moisture through the pads of their feet to cool down. Dogs also can reduce their body temperature by having the blood vessels on their faces and ears dilate, which results in blood drawing closer to the surface and becoming cooler.

mouth of dog

More about dogs:

  • The average dog is thought to be able to learn to understand about 250 words and has the same intelligence level as a human toddler.
  • The United States and France have the most dogs as pets. In Iceland, it is against the law to have a dog as a pet.
  • Dogs often see smiles from humans as signs of aggression because they view it as the humans bearing their teeth like dogs do before conflict.

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