How Do I Stop a Dog Biting a Leash?

dog biting leash

Before you can stop your dog biting a leash, you must first try to figure out why he is doing it. If your dog is young, he may be teething, and providing him with a good chew toy may remedy the problem. Some dogs may also want to bite their leash because they are bored, and playing with him while you are walking him may distract him from his leash. If the above methods do not work, you can try using a chain leash or coating it with an unappealing substance, such as chili sauce.

It is not uncommon for teething puppies to chew on or bite their leashes. Chewing on things can help relieve the pain of the new teeth that are coming in. It also pushes down on the tops of the gums, which helps the new teeth break through the gums easier.

If you want to stop your teething dog biting a leash, you can try giving him an abundance of dog chew toys. These can be offered while he is at home, as well as while the two of you are going for a walk. The best chew toys are usually made from thick rope, hard rubber, or rawhide.

dog playing with rope

You might also find your dog biting a leash if he is bored. When this happens, he will often look for the nearest source of entertainment, which may be the leash. To prevent this, you can try running or playing games, such as fetch, during your walks together. You may also want to consider bringing one of his favorite toys along as well.

If the above methods do not stop your dog biting a leash, you should try to make the leash difficult or unpleasant to chew on. Most dogs will not chew on chain leashes, for example, because the metal links are uncomfortable. You should only use the largest diameter chain leash necessary, however, since oversized chain leashes are heavy, and they can be uncomfortable hanging from your dog’s neck.

Some individuals either can’t or won’t use a chain leash when they want to stop a dog biting a leash. In this case, the dog owners can make the leash very unpleasant tasting. Hot chili sauce, or another equally unappetizing substance, can be sprinkled onto the part of the leash that the dog bites. Toxic chemicals, however, should never be sprinkled on a dog’s leash, since he may ingest these, which can cause a number of problems.

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