How Do I Choose the Best Dog Nail Polish?

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People sometimes buy pet clothes for their dogs just for fun, and that same kind of whimsy can extend to giving your dog a manicure complete with nail polish. When choosing a nail polish, you should look for one that is fast-drying and made just for dogs. You can find dog nail polish at specialty pet stores and online, though some groomers also sell it or apply it as part of their services.

Dog nail polish is safer than the kind people use, and human nail polish should not be used on a dog. Human nail polish and polish remover both contain harsh chemicals that are toxic for dogs. Human nail polish products are poisonous if ingested and the fumes can cause irritation for your dog. If you have any questions about the ingredients in a dog nail polish, you should be sure to ask a pet store clerk, your groomer or your veterinarian if the product is safe. The price of dog nail polish is usually about the same as human nail polish sold at discount stores.

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There are several different ways to choose a dog nail polish color. For example, you can pick one that complements the color of your dog’s fur or one that matches your pet’s clothes or a bandana. Your dog’s nail polish can even be matched to your own manicure or something you are wearing.

Nail polish colors that people wear also are available for dogs. They come in various shades of pink and red, along with fashion colors such as blue and green. There are even dog nail polishes that glitter or glow in the dark.

Some groomers do French manicures or holiday-themed colors for pets. They even go as far as painting on polka dots or other designs. Nail decals such as those worn by people also are available for dogs.

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You can expect your dog’s nail polish to last a few weeks. A brush-on nail oil made for dogs can help the polish last longer, because it helps keep the polish and the nails from cracking. If you want to remove the polish, then it should be taken off with a nail polish remover made just for dogs. Polish remover for dogs comes in liquid form and as tissue sheets with the remover built in.

Some dogs are too just active or wiggly to allow for a leisurely manicure. If this sounds like your dog, then you may want to try a product that is fast-drying and covers in one coat. You also can find dog nail polish in a pen form that allows for even faster application. If you are polishing your own dog’s nails, you should start by trimming away excess fur covering the paws. It allows the polish to be seen and also prevents it from getting stuck in the fur.

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