What are Dog Grooming Scissors?

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Dog grooming scissors refer to numerous scissor types that may aid in grooming dogs or cats. Many people prefer to use electric cutters to trim off a great deal of hair, but for small jobs, like trimming the hair around ears or the feet, scissors can be a better choice. Yet not all scissors are created equally, and those who want to cut animal hair may be best off buying shears designed for pet grooming, which should deliver even cutting with ease.

People looking for a simple pair of dog grooming scissors may be confounded by the variety of choices. Some shears feature blunt tips, have curved blades, or are specially designed to thin hair. For small trimming tasks, an all-purpose pair with either blunt or pointed tips and straight blades is usually preferable. Yet one more choice may exist because there are pairs of scissors designed for left-handed and right-handed people. Be sure to purchase scissors that are suited for the dominant hand.

The typical all-purpose pair of dog grooming scissors is about 4-6 inches (10.16-15.24 cm) in length. Materials may vary. Stainless steel may be preferable because it tends to stay sharp and is durable. Those who need more comfort when using the scissors may be able to find coated handles that are more comfortable on the fingers during extensive cutting sessions.

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Pet grooming shears with curved blades are usually best suited for trimming nails, and many people prefer not to use these in any case because special nail trimmers or nail filers are usually more effective. Curved blade scissors that are very sharp may be suitable for cutting cat claws, but may not be very well suited to trimming a dog’s nails, especially if the nails are thick. For hair trimming, the curved blade may prove a disadvantage since it won’t cut evenly across the hair.

Would-be pet groomers should also avoid thinning shears, which are really only useful for removing some but not all hair, and don’t provide an even cut. Thinning shears can be terrific for dogs with long coats and/or undercoats, when pet owners want to reduce bulk of hair without significantly reducing length. However, they do take some practice to use effectively without giving remaining hair a “chopped off” look.

Since dog grooming needs vary so much, each different scissor type may prove effective for some types of dogs, but not all of them. For basic trims especially around the ears or feet, all-purpose dog grooming scissors are best. Since dog’s ears can be thin and sensitive, blunt tip or ballpoint scissors may be a little safer for the amateur groomer and his or her pet. It’s also important to use two fingers underneath the scissors when cutting hair. This method helps reduce chance of cutting the dog’s skin by accident.

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