How Do I Choose the Best Dog Comb?

white dog with fur being combed

When choosing the best dog comb, you should keep in mind what type of fur your dog has. Short bristled combs should be used on dogs with short hair, for instance, while long bristled combs should be used on dogs with long hair. You should also purchase a dog comb that is made from a durable material, such as metal. If your dog has a flea problem, you may also want to consider purchasing a flea comb.

Generally, a dog comb with bristles that are close together should be used on a short-haired dog. If its hair is fine or smooth, like a Chihuahua, the bristles should be somewhat soft. Dogs with thick or wiry hair, like terriers, on the other hand, should be combed with a stiff bristled comb.

two schnauzers

A dog comb with bristles that are spaced far apart should be used to comb dogs with longer hair. Soft bristles should be used on long-haired dogs with fine or flowing coats, like retrievers. Stiffer bristles should be used on dogs with thicker coats, like chows.

Metal, particularly stainless steel, is typically the most common dog comb material. This is very strong and should last for awhile. Plastic is also used for some dog combs. These have a tendency to break, however, especially if they are used to comb through thick, matted fur.

You may want to purchase a special dog comb if your dog has a specific problem regarding his fur. A flea comb, which has several teeth that are close together, is a good example of this. As its name suggests, a flea comb is used to help get rid of fleas on an animal’s skin and in its fur. Many of these can also remove ticks and some other parasites. Before using a flea comb, however, you should first brush through your dog’s fur to untangle any knots.

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If your long-haired dog has a problem with tangled or matted fur, you may want a dog comb that specifically addresses this problem. Some of these dog combs simply have long metal tines that are spaced far apart. These can help break up and pick apart tangles. Other combs like this are constructed with built-in blades that cut through a dog’s tangled fur.

Whichever dog comb you choose, you should make sure that it will be comfortable and easy for you to use. Many of these types of combs have rubber padded handles for extra comfort. Since they will eventually collect a build-up of hair and other unsavory bits on them, they should also be relatively easy to clean.

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