What are the Best Tips for Dog Hair Removal?

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Caring for a dog’s coat will be a necessity, especially for the long-haired dog breeds and for those breeds prone to shedding. Cutting a dog’s hair is usually part of the hair care process, which will result in a happy dog free of painful knots and gnarls. Tips for a more streamlined dog hair removal process consists of dog treats, proper preparation, careful use of cutting shears or hair clippers, as well as the careful consideration of the dog’s hair length.

Throughout the dog hair removal process, make sure to give the dog plenty of treats and praise. Incessant treats and appraisal will train her to associate hair removal with a good time full of praise from her owner. Whenever she is calm and not fretting, do not hesitate to talk to her in a soothing voice, pet her, or give her an occasional dog treat. Constant appraisal will help reduce the dog’s stress, as well as help to reduce the risk of trauma during the process.

One method of dog hair removal is a daily brushing regimen to remove knots in the coat. Depending on the hair length, a dog owner may use a brush with short bristles for short-haired dog breeds, and a specialized brush with longer bristles for longer coats. Focus the brushing on the body, as these areas tend to be hairier than the legs or mouth areas. The brush should be stroked firmly through the hair in the direction of hair growth. If, during the dog hair removal process, the groomer comes face to face with an aggressive knot, then the application of a light oil will make it easier to comb out.

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A bath should also be incorporated in the dog hair removal process, though it is not recommended to bathe your dog often as it can wash away the natural oils that keeps the skin moisturized. Proper cleansing of the coat with a dog shampoo will remove the dead skin cells lifted from the brushing. A clean coat will also be easier to cut, as a pair of scissors or clippers will not be enough to cut through dirt and grime which could also potentially dull the blades. After the bath, allow the dog to air dry. If she is comfortable with it, a hair dryer can be used on a low-heat setting.

Clippers can also be used as an effective method for dog hair removal so long as the dog is not frightened by the noise. Use the clippers to remove hair from the abdomen, making sure to get as close to the skin as possible. This is where some groomers allow themselves to be creative with some dog breeds, sometimes leaving puffs of hair around the ankles and joints. Some groomers will completely remove the hair, using cutting scissors with protective blunt ends to cut around the toes. A garbage can should be nearby, allowing the dog groomer to efficiently discard the removed dog hair.

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