What is a Dog Litter Box?

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One of the biggest challenges for dog owners comes from training their canine companion. One of the most tedious training processes is housetraining, which means training your dog to eliminate waste in a designated area. While most dog owners teach their dogs to go outside, some prefer to litter box train. Litter box training a dog is similar to paper training, but offers a more permanent solution. A dog litter box and doggy litter are the only supplies needed for this endeavor.

A dog litter box is a pan that holds dog litter, which is typically made of absorbent paper pellets. Both the litter box and the litter are available at most large pet supply retailers. A dog litter box will provide a potty solution for dog owners who live in an apartment or condo-style home, where yard space is sparse if available at all. Litter box training is most ideal for toy and small breed dogs, since larger breed dogs simply do not fit into the pans comfortably.

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If you choose to litter box train your small breed puppy, purchase a dog litter box that will accommodate your dog at its full growth. Similar to other methods of housetraining, the dog must be shown the appropriate place to do his or her business. Therefore, it is important to select a permanent spot for the litter box so that your puppy will always know where to go. Dogs are creatures of habit and most dogs will quickly learn to go in the same spot each time. When you purchase your dog litter box and other supplies, look for books on litter box training for dogs to help you.

There are numerous advantages to litter box training a dog. Small dogs may have difficulty navigating outdoor elements, such as snow, especially deep snow. Smaller dogs may also need to relieve themselves more frequently than larger dogs, and for working dog owners, a litter box provides the dog a safe place to go during the day. Though many dogs eliminate during walks, when inclimate weather prevails, a dog litter box is a convenient alternative. Even those with ample yard space may find a dog litter box more convenient than using the lawn since small dogs have difficult-to-locate waste.

Though replenishing litter for a dog litter box will become an added expense to dog ownership, the potential advantages may make it a worthwhile endeavor in certain situations. If you have concerns over the best way to housetrain your dog, talk to your veterinarian.

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