What are the Most Intelligent Dog Breeds?

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There are a number of factors that make different dogs appealing to different people. One of those factors, which can be very important to some people, is how smart the animals are. When this is the case, people generally focus on the most intelligent dog breeds, which include Australian cattle dogs, Rottweilers, and Doberman pinschers.

The existence of Australian cattle dogs is believed to date back to the 1800s, when they were bred to be herding dogs. Their physical stamina is reputed to compliment their mental stamina; these dogs are known to be hard-working and smart. Considered to be near the very top of the list of most intelligent dog breeds, Australian cattle dogs not only have the capability to handle mental stimulation, they have a need for it. This dog breed is unlikely to be happy without open space and work to do.

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In many societies, Rottweilers have developed a bad reputation for being violent and aggressive. Rottweilers are not generally vicious dogs, but they are naturally inclined to be protectors. This has not barred them from commonly being listed as one of the most intelligent dog breeds. These dogs can effectively perform numerous duties, which include serving as police dogs, therapy dogs, and family companions.

Labrador retrievers are extremely popular dogs. One of the reasons why is because they make good family dogs but they are also smart. Although these dogs are known to be lovable, Labrador retrievers are also known to be workers. These dogs were originally used in Newfoundland to aid fishermen with tasks such as hauling fishing nets and catching loose fish. Eventually, they became widely known for their abilities to retrieve game, hence the name.

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Doberman pinschers are another of the most intelligent dog breeds commonly more reputed for its aggressiveness. While it is true that Doberman pinschers are protective and fearless, they are usually more assertive than aggressive. These dogs are active and they like to work. They are commonly used by civilians to guard personal property. They are also used as police dogs.

Papillons have not allowed size to bar them from the list of most intelligent dog breeds. These small dogs were once associated with French and Spanish nobility. In modern times, they are known for their intelligence and their ability to be easily taught. These dogs are not generally aggressive, but some people do consider them to be moody animals.

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