What are the Different Types of Homeopathy for Dogs?

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There are numerous homeopathic remedies that may be used to treat dogs. Among the most common are phosphorus, silica, aconite, and nux vomica. Homeopathy for dogs can be used to treat everything from gum infections and vomiting to cysts and the sudden development of fever. In general, homeopathic treatments are thought to be safe and effective for dog owners. To ensure the right treatments are used, however, a pet owner may do well to take his dog to a homeopathic veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment.

Phosphorus is a treatment often used in homeopathy for dogs. This treatment may be recommended when a dog has blood in abnormal places. For example, it may be used to treat dogs that have blood present in their vomit and stools; it may also be used for dogs that have blood in their mucus. Sometimes this treatment may be recommended for dogs that have coughs, bronchitis, or hemorrhaging in the postpartum period. This remedy may even prove helpful for treating serious cuts or helping to relieve nausea in a dog that has undergone surgery.

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Silica is also used in homeopathy for dogs. This treatment may be used for skin problems as well as for the treatment of cysts. If a dog has an ulcer that affects his cornea or an abscess that affects his gum tissue, this treatment may prove helpful for treating that as well. In some cases, a veterinarian may even recommend the use of silica for treating swelling that may develop at a vaccine injection site.

Aconite may be useful as a homeopathic treatment for dogs that are struggling with some type of fear. For example, it may prove useful for dogs that fear thunder or other loud noises. It may also be used for the treatment of fevers that develop suddenly or pain that is intense. If a dog is severely injured, aconite may be used to prevent shock while a pet owner transports his dog to a veterinary facility.

People who use homeopathy for dogs may also make use of nux vomica. This homeopathic remedy may be used for treating adverse effects from medications as well as unpleasant reactions to overeating. A pet owner may use this remedy to treat a dog who is vomiting, especially if retching continues after the dog has finished vomiting. In some cases, nux vomica may even prove helpful for treating constipation or loose, frequent bowel movements.

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