How Do I Choose the Best Dog Deodorant?

dog deodorant

Dog deodorant was invented as a means to prevent unnecessary canine odors from getting out of hand. Internal deodorants are one type of dog deodorant available on the market. These deodorants are consumed by dogs in their water or food and help eliminate canine odors from the inside out. The other type of dog deodorant available is topical treatments. Topical treatments often include powders or sprays applied externally and usually brushed in throughout the dog’s fur.

Many dog owners end up over-bathing their animals in an attempt to control unwanted odors. What they don’t realize is that it’s unhealthy for dogs to be washed on a frequent basis. At most, a dog should only be washed a maximum of once every few months. If washed more frequently than this, the dog will lose essential oils that help keep the dog’s skin and coat healthy. When this occurs, the dog may experience skin irritation, rashes, and hair loss.

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One way of naturally combating these unwanted odors with minimal effort is to use an internal dog deodorant. A substance known as chlorophyll can be consumed by the dog and help minimize or even eliminate many odors. Chlorophyll is natural and safe for animals. In addition to removing odors, chlorophyll is also purported to help aid in digestion and improve health functions. To use the product, simply add a few drops to the dog’s water each day and allow the dog to drink as usual.

For those who don’t want to bother continually adding chlorophyll to their dog’s water, some brands of dog food and treats also contain chlorophyll. This type of dog deodorant is best for individuals who live busy lifestyles and don’t have the time or patience to constantly apply sprays or powders to their dog’s coat and brush them out. While many dogs enjoy the minty flavor of chlorophyll, those with picky eating habits may have difficulty consuming the product. In these cases, it may be better to try topical treatments instead.

Topical treatments often include sprays or powders that work best when brushed into the dog’s coat. When it comes to these products, it’s important to read the labels for the ingredients, as the best products will use all-natural ingredients and not chemicals that could potential cause an adverse reaction. Also, be aware that there’s a difference between dog deodorants that mask odors and those that neutralize them. Neutralizing odors helps eliminate them, while masking them will only cover up the scent with another one. Also try to avoid purchasing sprays in aerosol cans because they have been reported to cause respiratory problems in some animals.

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