How Do I Choose the Best Venison Dog Food?

venison dog food

Venison dog food is not as high in protein as beef, but it does have fewer calories and less cholesterol, making it a healthy alternative. It is particularly helpful if you have a dog that is overweight, and it is beneficial for a dog’s heart. To choose the best venison dog food, you should find one with few added fillers that is suitable to your dog’s tastes and needs. Venison is available in both dry and wet food varieties, and also as dog treats.

When ranking venison dog food, dried meat is best. Canned food is the second best, and dry dog food is last although often the cheapest. Many makers of venison dog food offer all three alternatives, but they aren’t always equal in regards to quality. If your dog prefers one type over another, you should shop around and find the healthiest possible choice. You may have to check with different manufacturers to find the optimal brand.

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The best venison dog food is made with fresh, organic meat with as few types of filler as possible. This type of dog food is usually more expensive and should be stored in a freezer or refrigerator. If there are fillers, they should be neutral ones such as rice or potato. Foods with added sugar, salt, artificial flavoring and other additives, such as chemical products, should be avoided. Many dry dog foods have extra vitamins and minerals added, such as glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health, which can be good, but make sure there is nothing that could cause an allergic reaction or other issue.

One of the benefits of venison dog food is that it is reportedly beneficial for dogs with allergies. For this reason, it’s best to find a product that is free of wheat because many dogs are allergic to it. Any other additives, such as corn or fish, should also be avoided if your dog has allergies.

Some pet stores will have venison dog food, but the best kind may not be available in your area. There are also many options available online. Wherever you shop, be sure to verify the ingredients and ask questions of the seller or manufacturer if you are unsure about something. If you are purchasing dog food that has fresh venison as the primary ingredient, it’s a good idea to buy a large amount because it can be difficult to find fresh venison consistently.

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