How Do I Choose the Best Tick Repellent for Dogs?


Investigating your options is necessary to choose the best tick repellent for dogs. Among the options are commercial products which are available for purchase at various veterinarian offices and pet supply stores. While commercial products have their appeal, other options exist as well, such as natural products and taking preventative measures.
Ticks are commonly found in areas throughout the world. They gravitate towards heavily forested and grassy areas. Ticks can cause illness in both humans and animals. Dogs can contract tapeworms and other diseases through a tick bite.

Choosing the right tick repellent for dogs is an essential step in keeping dogs free of ticks and the diseases that they can carry. The purchase of tick repellent products can be costly, but taking steps now will help prevent the need for future veterinary care. Many preventative measures for ticks will also help keep fleas at bay.

Veterinarians often recommend topical products as the primary form of tick repellent for dogs. These products come in applicator tubes that require the owner to dispense the liquid between the shoulder blades of the dog. Topical products often require monthly application and contain ingredients that kill ticks and fleas. Owners who are looking for a quick and easy method to prevent ticks on their dogs should consider using a topical product.

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Tick repellent for dogs can also be found in products applied through other means. Sprays and dips that contain tick repellent ingredients can often be found at grocery and pet supply stores, making them easily accessible for most dog owners. Steps need to be taken to keep these products out of the dog’s eyes and ears during application. Using tick repellent dog collars are another option. These can be used in conjunction with other tick repellent products for added protection.

Choosing products that contain natural repellents are another option dog owners should investigate. Products containing lavender and geranium help to keep ticks at bay. Lavender will also provide protect your dog against fleas. You should check with a veterinarian before using any natural products or dietary supplements as a primary method for repelling ticks. This will ensure the ingredients are safe for your dog.

Environmental controls and frequent examination can also be effective ways of managing ticks. Keeping grass trimmed can act as an effective tick repellent for dogs. Checking dogs after playing outdoors or swimming in lakes and streams can help identify ticks and allow you to remove them.

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