What are the Different Uses of Atopica® for Dogs?

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Itchy skin can be miserable, even for dogs. Atopica® for dogs is a medicine that can help alleviate the symptoms of various canine skin conditions, including itching. Atopica® is an immunosuppressant drug that limits the immune response within the canine body. Allergies are an immune response to a foreign entity, so an immunosuppressant such as Atopica® helps relieve the itching and discomfort by reducing the autoimmune response to the allergy trigger. Atopica® for dogs also is used as a treatment for hemolytic anemia and perianal fistulas, and as an anti-rejection drug for dogs that have had kidney or bone marrow transplants.

Atopica® for dogs works much like anti-histamines do for humans, reducing allergic reactions to foreign triggers in the system. Unlike anti-histamines, Atopica® for dogs works to target the condition directly and does not have the drowsy side effects that anti-histamines have. The medicine also has a higher rate of success for relieving allergies in dogs. Scientific studies show that more than 74 percent of dogs that used Atopica® had demonstrated relief from their allergy.

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Dogs are prone to food allergies, flea allergies and other topical allergies, and these allergies trigger a reaction. Canine allergy symptoms include itchy, red skin and chronic scratching, along with severe hair loss and skin sores resulting from the chronic scratching. Atopica® for dogs can help eliminate the scratching by reducing inflammation and antihistamine production. The reduction of scratching, in turn, reduces the hair loss and skin sores.

Hemolytic anemia is an autoimmune condition in which a dog’s immune system destroys red blood cells, incorrectly believing they are harmful foreign invaders. As the red blood cells die off, anemia develops. Atopica® for dogs relies on its ability to reduce the canine body’s reaction to foreign triggers, keeping the red blood cells from being attacked and easing the threat of anemia.

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Perianal fistulas are caused by inflammation of the oil and sweat glands of the canine anus. Sores are one of the biggest problems. The area is warm and moisture is trapped by the tail, making it a place for bacteria to thrive. It’s not clear, but the immune system may play a role in the disease, and Atopica® for dogs is used to reduce the inflammation and, again, reduce the immune response.

Dogs that have had a kidney or bone marrow transplant may also be prescribed Atopica® as a transplant anti-rejection medication. Atopica® for dogs is available by prescription only and is not the best option for every dog. A veterinarian should be consulted before beginning a pet on any new medicine.

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