How Do I Choose the Best Dog Clippers?

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When selecting dog clippers, there are a number of considerations that play a role in making the best choice. Perhaps the most significant factor is what kind of dog you have. Other major aspects include what type of clippers will best accomplish your goals and the amount of money you want to spend.

There are two major types of clippers for dogs: hair or fur clippers and nail clippers. Dog nail clippers often are operated manually by hand, but others are electronic devices. Some nail clippers for dogs are designed to cut dog nails, and although they are larger in size, they are similar to nail clippers used by humans. Other types have the ability to grind down nails, typically utilizing batteries or a wall socket plug. With any type of dog nail clippers, make sure the device is large enough to accommodate your pet’s paws.

You may find many different types of dog clippers for hair or fur. The most basic clippers are scissors or shears. Other dog clippers are powered by electricity, either by a battery or socket plug-in. The type of clipper that will best do the job depends on the thickness and texture of a dog’s hair. If a dog has very coarse, dense fur, powerful electric clippers may be required.

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Thinking about the size needed and the intended purpose of the dog clippers may help you make your decision as well. Determining your main goal can be important because it could help you to decide what size dog clippers you need. Some people want to trim long-haired dogs on a regular basis, while other people may want to trim certain areas of dog fur, such as around the face or on the tail. Small clippers may be adequate for medium to small dogs, but a wide edge may allow you to trim a large dog as quickly as possible.

You also may want to purchase a dog clipper kit that includes a variety of comb attachments that guide the blade and cut hair in the preferred style and length. Some clipper sets have adjustable blades to prevent pulling the dog’s fur, which may make your pet more comfortable. Kits also may include items such as blade lubrication oil and other supplies to assist in keeping the device clean and functioning properly. Generally, the number of pieces included in a kit will be a major factor in the cost, and it may be wise to look for a kit that has the pieces you want without additional accessories you do not need.

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