What is the Proper Etiquette for Walking a Dog?

walking a dog

Walking a dog can be a pleasant experience and it’s something that several dog owners try to do on a daily basis. While many owners know the etiquette of dog walking, there are some that may not be aware of certain aspects of it. There are a few etiquette tips that you could try in order to help improve your own dog walking time as well as that of other dog owners.

One thing that you could do when walking a dog is to cross the street if you see another one approaching you. Dogs sometimes like to investigate each other, so crossing the street helps prevent them from doing so. Also, both you and the other owner won’t have to tug and pull the dogs away just to get down the block.

dog on leash

Another etiquette tip that you may want to follow is to shorten the leash when someone is approaching you or when you are in a populated area. Shortening the leash may help those that are nervous around dogs to feel more comfortable. Also, when walking a dog, try to get past a person or group of people as quickly as possible.

One thing that can ruin your time when you are walking a dog is when you step in a pile of dog droppings. While it is a law to pick up after your pet, there are some people that still don’t. To prevent other people, yourself or your dog from stepping in feces, you should carry a plastic bag with you and pick up after the dog.

When walking a dog, one thing that you shouldn’t do is let the animal walk on someone’s lawn. Some homeowners may not be too thrilled having a strange animal walking on their property. They won’t be very happy either if your dog relives himself on their grass.

group of dogs on a leash

While you may love walking a dog in the park, you should try to stay away from highly trafficked sections such as the playground. There are many children that love dogs, however, there are some parents that don’t want a strange animal near their child. Also, you may not like people trying to put their hands on your pet. Opt for walking on the sidewalks around the park, in a designated dog area or in an area where there are no people.

Next time you walk your pet, consider other people and animals that are out and about around you. Dogs should get out and exercise, but it’s up to their owners to make sure that there are no problems. If every owner does their part, neighborhoods could be a more pleasant place to have a dog.

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