What are the Different Uses of Tramadol® for Dogs?

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Using Tramadol® for dogs can help relieve moderate or severe pain caused by the inflammation of tissues and joints. It is commonly used for dogs that have been diagnosed with arthritis or osteoarthritis, and can help reduce the swelling that causes pain. In some cases, it can also be prescribed for the relief of other types of chronic pain.

Most pain medications that are prescribed for the management of arthritis pain in pets are in a class of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). These drugs can have serious side effects in some animals, however, and Tramadol® can be used in those that have had a reaction to the different types of NSAIDs. Rather than acting on the production of the chemicals that cause the inflammation, Tramadol® for dogs acts on the pain receptors of the brain. The medication dulls these receptors, relieving pain while not interfering with the processes that cause the swelling. It is an option for dogs diagnosed with various types of arthritis.

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Tramadol® for dogs can be a safer alternative for pets that have already had a reaction to NSAIDs. In dogs that have not had such a negative reaction to NSAIDs, Tramadol® can also be given in conjunction with other types of pain medication in order to manage conditions not alleviated by one type of medication alone. It works on the brain while other types of pain relievers work on the source of the pain, which can be a powerful combination.

In some cases, a veterinarian may prescribe Tramadol® for dogs when there is an instance of prolonged, acute pain as a result of surgery or an injury. When given after surgery, it can be administered for several weeks as the dog recovers. The medication is available in tablet form, and a veterinarian will generally prescribe a dose appropriate for the size of the dog and the condition it is being administered for.

Depending on the type of cancer a dog is diagnosed with, Tramadol can also be prescribed in order to help manage pain. This varies with the type of cancer and the stage. When Tramadol for dogs is given for this reason, it is generally in conjunction with other forms of treatment. While it is generally works fast to relieve pain, most veterinarians will require the prescription to be given several times throughout the day in order to maintain an effective amount.

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