What are the Different Uses of Proin® for Dogs?

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Proin® is a drug prescribed for dogs as treatment for urinary incontinence. It’s active ingredient is phenylpropanolamine, which tightens the muscles of the bladder. Proin® does not cure urinary incontinence but does treat its symptoms. Side effects include restlessness, irritability, increase in blood pressure, and loss of appetite.

Incontinence occurs when urine leaks uncontrollably from a dog’s bladder. The problem may range from mild to severe and can occur in both old and young dogs. Often, it is caused by an imbalance of hormones or prostate disease. Female dogs, especially those that were spayed at a very young age, experience incontinence more often than male dogs.

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Not administered as a method of curing urinary incontinence, Proin® for dogs is instead used to manage the symptoms. Typically, a dog will have to take Proin® for the rest of its life. If the drug is stopped, symptoms often return. Proin® for dogs is not recommended for dogs with bladder or kidney infections, as other treatments are more appropriate.

Proin® is administered in two ways. Chewable tablets can be put into the dog’s food, or if the dog will accept it, offered alone. It may also be given in liquid form as droplets that are placed directly into the mouth. Ideally, the drug should be taken with food.

Originally, the active ingredient in Proin® for dogs was given to people. It was removed from the market, however, due to potentially dangerous side effects, such as high blood pressure. These dangerous side effects are rare in animals, however, so Proin® is still available for pets.

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This drug should not be administered to certain dogs. Dogs with glaucoma, enlarged prostates, heart problems, hyperthyroidism, and high blood pressure should not take it. Pets taking beta blockers, ephedrine, or epinephrine should also avoid Proin® for dogs. A vet should be consulted before taking the drug with vitamins, supplements, or other medications.

The side effects of Proin® for dogs include restlessness and irritability. Increased blood pressure and heart rate, and loss of appetite may also occur. Signs of an allergic reaction to Proin® include facial swelling, hives, scratching, and stomach upset. Severe allergic reactions include shock, seizures, pale gums, or loss of consciousness. If any signs of allergic reaction are noticed, a veterinarian should be contacted immediately.

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