Do Dogs Get Jealous?

jealous dog

Dogs can get jealous when their owner pay attention to another dog, according to scientific research published on PLOS One in 2014. The study observed the behavior of several dogs as their owners focused attention on three different objects: talking sweetly to a stuffed-toy dog that could make sounds and move its tail, a jack-o-lantern bucket, and a children’s book that was read aloud. From the study, the dogs exhibited jealousy through more aggressive behavior such as biting towards to toy dog; as well as attention seeking behaviors like getting between the owner and the toy. The study suggests that jealousy is a primal emotion that evolved to maintain social bonds between pack animals.

two white dogs

More about dog behavior:

  • Dogs release the chemical hormone oxytocin, which is released during both love and jealousy expressions.
  • Dogs can develop a phobia of thunder. Symptoms of phobia include pacing, shivering, and drooling during thunderstorms.
  • It’s natural for dogs to eat feces as the waste contains protein.

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