What is a Dog Rescue?

choco Labrador retriever side view

Sad as it is, many purebred dogs are bred, purchased, or otherwise obtained for reasons other than wanting a dog to care for and love. A dog rescue is an organization similar to the humane society that usually shelters specific breeds and places them with foster owners until the dog can be adopted to a suitable home. Many dogs have a dog rescue organization specific to their breed, and one example that is well known is the Greyhound dog rescue.

There may be any number of reasons why some breeds are brought in and turned out of homes more than other breeds. For example, there may be an influx of a certain breed of dog to a dog rescue shortly following the release of a major motion picture featuring the breed. Dalmatians, Saint Bernards, and Golden Retrievers are examples of high-profile movie breeds that some people rushed to buy in an infatuated state and then relinquished because of the work involved in training and caring for a dog.

Similarly, as with the Greyhound, a breed that is frequently purchased for racing, when a dog outgrows its intended purpose other than being a pet, a dog rescue will take the dog in and find a permanent home. Some breeds of dogs need a dog rescue because their original owners did not research the breed before purchase and did not fully comprehend the care involved. Large breed dogs are frequent victims of homelessness due not only to their rapid growth, but also to an increase in appetite and expense in care, not to mention behavioral issues that can be destructive due to their size.

Typically, a dog rescue charges an adoption fee to adoptive families. While many dog rescues are run as non-profit organizations, the adoption fee covers the expense of caring for the dogs, bringing them up to date with shots, veterinary care, and spay and neuter costs. However, the fee charged by a dog rescue is generally reasonable when compared to the purchase price of most purebreds.

Though sometimes, county animal shelters and humane societies have purebred dogs available for adoption, many times they don’t. A dog rescue is a good way to find the exact breed you’re looking for while giving a needy dog a home. You will also be getting a dog from an organization where the people know a great deal of specific information about your favorite breed. You can search for nearly any dog rescue by breed online or ask your local animal shelter if they are familiar with any in your area.

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