What Did the World’s First Dog Eat?

dog's first food

According to recent research, the world’s first known dog lived on a diet of reindeer, horse, and musk ox. Dog fossils were excavated from the Goyet Cave in Belgium, and it’s estimated that the dog lived approximately 31,700 years ago. Modern domesticated dogs primarily eat wet or dry processed dog food that is bought in stores. However, dog owners have been known to make their own dog food, or feed the animal a raw meat diet.

venison dog food

More about dogs:

  • It is unclear how wolves became domesticated dogs, but some theories posit that orphaned wolf cubs were raised and eventually bred by early humans, or self-domestication through human interaction.
  • Russian scientists selectively bred silver foxes over 35 generations to make them more friendly towards humans. In doing so, other traits that were not sought in the experiment occurred such as spotted coats, floppy ears, and other features that resemble modern dogs.
  • Dogs can have food allergies. Major allergies are due to wheat and soybeans, but dogs can also be allergic to certain meats. Veterinarians can test dogs for food allergies.

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